drnosselA Word From Dr. Craig Nossel

Our children are fighting the worst obesity crisis in history, with the number of overweight kids up to 20%. Regular exercise, as you probably already know, is a key factor in combating this epidemic – and what better place to start than at school?

While academic learning is the cornerstone of our children’s education, there is evidence to suggest that regular exercise May improve academic performance of learners, so making time in the school day for exercise can actually benefit schoolwork results.
Besides the health benefits gained from exercise, the emotional benefits of participating in a team sport cannot be overlooked. Just as maths, science and spelling are important skills for our children to learn, the life lessons learned by being part of a sports team cannot be underestimated.

Lessons learned from Team sports

Whether it’s the responsibility of showing up for practice on time, the patience to wait your turn on the sidelines or practicing the same training drill again and again – the personal values discovered on the sports field will make children happier, more confident and better leaders with a strong work ethic – which can only have benefit them in adulthood.
Kids also learn to deal with failure and disappointment when losing a match, while being resilient to come back fighting in the next game – a valuable lesson for later life.

Positive Mentor

As a sports coach, you have the ability to have a constructive impact on children, encouraging their social growth and maturity through mentoring. A skilled coach can leave a lasting positive impression on a child, leading to success at school, jobs and socializing.

A good coach not only focuses on winning and results, but encourages friendship, respect and co-operation between players.
Discovery Vitality actively encourages all learners to attend soccer practices and participate in the weekly soccer matches, regardless of their current skill levels. We also encourage the coaches to make the training and matches fun for all the learners so that they develop a lifelong love of the game.

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